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Toyota Camry 2007 alignment problem

My car used to vibrate at a speeds above 50mph and I took it to NTB for wheel balancing. They did the balancing and when I first drove, the steering wheel was wobbling very badly and the wheel is stiffer than previously, Also the car is drifting to the right which did not happen previously. They said they didn’t do anything other than balancing and reducing the tire pressure. They also gave me a quote for 2300 $ for the services to be done (many services shown there were done a month back…!!!). Then I took it to another NTB for alignment and they did the alignment first time and problem not solved. I took it the second time, they said toe was little off and they fixed it.! The problem is still not fixed and then I took it the third time and this time I got the car the TPMS was on.!!! I don’t know what these guys did. Please suggest me what should I do to fix this problem.

I doubt that you’ll get any actual answers via internet since there are too many things that could be going on in terms of tires + front end parts.

I don’t know what NTB is. But it sounds like you might need a different shop. Perhaps one that will actually figure out what is wrong and deal with it. You’re normally best off finding a trustworthy, locally owned shop via world of mouth. In this case you want a shop that specializes in front end/alignment work. Most of those will also do tires.

What is the list of services that this place wanted to do?

I agree. Avoid using a chain. Find a good local mechanic to look at this.

So how many miles on the car and did you buy it new or used?
Ever been wrecked, even a minor collision?
And 2300 dollars for services? What services were involved for that kind of money?

There’s a lot of info that needs to be known before a wild guess could even be made.

First, if the alignment was off and the symptom was a vibration, then fixing the alignment only takes care of the source of the problem, but the symptom - vibration - was the result of irregular tire wear and that has yet to be addressed. That usually takes replacing the tires.

Further, the pull is probably also related to the wear on the tire.

So to fix the problem, you probably need to replace the tires.

  • BUT -

Before you do that, swap the front tires left to right. If the pull completely changes direction, the pull is 100% caused by the tires. If the pull doesn’t change at all, then the pull is 100% in the alignment. If the pull disappears, or changes direction (other than a complete reversal), then the problem is part tires, part alignment.

If you do that, then you’ll know whether or not new tires will fix the problem.