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Toyota brake noise

When my mother was visiting in early June, she had her brakes replaced on her 1999 Toyota Avalon. For a few weeks after that, all was fine. Now, she hears a strange noise. (She lives in NC, in case the climate matters.) When she is at a full stop, and has been at a full stop for more than ten seconds, she begins to hear a noise that she likens to the sound of a cassette tape rewinding. If she takes her foot off the brake, the noise stops immediately. If she puts her foot back on the brake, the noise resumes in about two seconds. What’s making that noise??

Does it happen if the radio is off?

Yes, it happens if the radio is off.

Maybe a heat shield raddling, My rav4 will do that sometimes but mine is louder but not as sound proof as hers.

Does it sound like the noise is coming from under the driver’s side dash? If so it might be a problem with the power brake booster. Usually a leaking power brake booster diaphragm sounds like a hiss but I guess it might be characterized as a ‘tape rewinding’ sound. It is a little early to have a brake booster problem with a 1999 Toyota. Have a mechanic listen to the sound and give his diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

First - thank you, thank you, thank you for spelling brakes right.

Next, I agree with researcher - but you could have a friend listen, or apply the brake and you listen to try and find the noise.