Toyota avalon

I have an 06 Toyota Avalon that I bought new.

I noticed a transmission slip and the dealer said that the tran is electronic and that as soon as it learns how I drive the slip will go away apprx 2000 mi. Well there is now 23000 mi. and still there although not as bad.The dealer says there is no adjustment that can be done. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, you allowed yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security by the dealer’s bs. Now, 21,000 miles later, I would suggest that you go back to the dealership right away with your complaint because the Powertrain Warranty should still be in effect–but may not be in effect much longer.

If they persist in denying that there is a problem, then I would suggest that you refer the matter to the Regional Zone Manager (contact information should be in your Owner’s Manual), as he/she has the authority to direct a dealership to perform repairs that the dealership is reluctant to do.

However, there is also the possibility that the shifting characteristics of the Avalon’s transmission are different from other transmissions that you have experienced. You might want to compare how another 2006 Avalon shifts before you decide whether there really is a problem. Take a look at used car lots in your area to see if there are any '06 Avalons that you could take out for a spin. Just don’t let the used car saleman know your real reason for wanting to drive the car!

Be sure to state the problem with the automatic transmission. Describe what is happening when the automatic transmission “slips”. Does the engine rpm go up; but, the vehicle speed doesn’t increase? Or, is the shift, from one gear to the next, delayed?

Do you have a receipt that shows you had the car in for evaluation? You need that to prove you were at the shop. If you don’t have one yet, make sure you get one soon.