Toyota Avalon 2001 - transmission slippage

Hello - I just paid $1500 to install a new timing belt kit, brakes and oxygen sensors. The car is running great except for a serious delay/ high revving when I floor it to get onto the highway. The mechanic said the timing belt kit would fix it - but it did not. The car has 94k miles. Anybody have any suggestions. Thanks. Avalon in New Jersey

My first suggestion is to get a new mechanic. There isn’t a chance in the world that a new timing belt will have anything to do with late shifting. IF I had to guess I’d say this was someone trying to get the timing belt job by making you feel better about what could be a larger problem.

My second suggestion is to check the transmission fluid for both level and color/smell. Delayed shifting is sometimes a symptom of low fluid. If it is low have it evaluated for leaks. If it is dark and smells a bit burned have the pan dropped, filter changed.

The only other thing I can add at this point is that the car is supposed to rev very high when you floor it to get onto the highway. So are you sure this isn’t normal?