Toyota Avalon Transmission?

My wife’s 2002 Avalon is making noise which sounded to me like an outofround or misbalanced tire; NOOOO they say noise is from transmission? Should I replace the tranny at 3.5 K ??? I need to get home from holiday 900 miles and don’t really wish to buy wifey a new car as she loves the Avalon; what do you think?? thanks

BTW: the diagnosis was from the Toyota dealer service dept; but not from where I purchased the car

Get a second opinion. Dealers are no better or worse that independents, but they are almost always more expensive. Try to find a independent mechanic.

Thanks; will get another opinion; BUT dare I try to drive it 900 miles home? would it be dangerous to drive it or maybe the worst would be it just grinds to a halt??? thanks again

Check the transmission fluid level (read the owner’s manual). If the fluid level is OK, drive the car and don’t worry. I find it really hard to believe that a Toyota transmission would fail at less than 5,000 miles. Of course, that assumes your original question was 3.5K MILES, and not 3.5K DOLLARS for the repair. You weren’t too specific.

When you get home, take the car to your local mechanic (or Toyota dealer), and see what’s going on.

Dangerous? Well, it’s a little known fact that most transmissions are lined with C4 plastic explosive and they are built so that they detonate if a failure occurs while you are driving.

Or so goes the popular rumor.

Myself, I think you could probably just drive it and if you don’t mind being stuck without it for a while, then you’re good to go.

the tranny is making some noise at 105,000 miles and the first quote for a replaced/remanufactured Toyota tranny was $3,500. But the trans fluid level is fine and just replaced so will drive it for as long as it goes. thanks, except for the guy who thinks it is rigged to explode etc!!!