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Toyota Avalon Slow A/C Fan Speed

My 2008 Avalon A/C fan speed periodically won’t run at the highest speed. When I take it off of “auto”, I can step up the fan speed and see the segments on the display light up with each increase in speed. Each segment lights up (they are in a oval shape) indicating that it should be at the highest speed, but it just doesn’t seem to blow as hard as it used to.

I think this fan motor is controlled by a PWM controller rather than resistors. Doesn’t anyone know if that is correct and where I could find the PWM controller? My thought was that if it was not too expensive I would change that out first.

If the fan works, could there be a problem with the fan motor?

Changed cabin air filter lately?

You’re correct. The blower speeds aren’t controlled with resistors. The speeds are controlled thru the A/C Amplifier.

The A/C Amplifier is located under the passenger side dash mounted to the side of the blower housing.