Toyota avalon 2012 condenser line bolts

One of my bolts on my ac condenser lines broke(the part that connects the condenser to the lines) stores don’t have a bolt in the size I need.

Do I have to go to toyota dealer to find the bolt? Thanks for any help.

That should be a 6 mm x 35 or 40 mm bolt, you can’t find that at a hardware store?

Have you tried ACE hardware? (if one is nearby)


will try tomorrow

If you have a fastenal store in your area they might have them.

If possible take the old bolt to the hardware store. They’ll have a section for SAE bolts (sized in fractions of inches), and another for metric sizes. Ask them to show you where the metric section is located. Metric bolts of the same basic bolt size come in more than one thread pitch, so good idea compare what you have to the bolts of that size the store has. I expect that particular bolt, given what it is used for, is just the standard pitch. To further complicate the issue, bolts are rated by the strength of the steel it is made from. I expect for that particular bolt it is just a standard strength bolt, so should be easily sourced. On metric bolts the strength is usually indicated by a number (or lack of a number) stamped on the head of the bolt. Try to find one w/ the same marking.