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Toyota Auris wheel repair

Hope someone can help me on this forum please. Just caught wheel of my car on a step while reversing. Plastic covering over the wheel/mud guard?? hanging down now and plastic has been eroded due to heat from the tyre while driving. I’m renting this car at the moment and just worried it’s going to be a big repair job?? Please ask for more clarity if I’m being too vague here. Thanks alot

Sorry but I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to ask us.

I think that he is trying to tell us that the mud guard is the part that is hanging down and being eroded by the tire.

If that is the case, the repair cost should be fairly low, but…since car rental companies are notorious for overcharging for repairs to their cars, as well as charging for the car being “out of service” for repair, they may manage to inflate what should be a low cost repair.

Look at how the plastic wheelwell shield is attached to the body. If there are screws that secure the shield to the body, but now the holes in the shield have been ripped open where the screws will no longer secure the shield, sometimes removing the screws and then installing small washers to the screws and reinstalling the screws will resecure the shield.