Toyota 4Runner Transmission

Hey there,

I own a '97 4Runner with 134k miles and a 3.4 liter 24 valve engine and an auto transmission. I bought the truck last Agaust and since then have had to put a new radiator into it due to tranny fluid mixing with the coolant. A couple weeks ago the tranny started slipping to the point where I couldn’t drive it anywhere because it just won’t engage in any gear. My mechanic says I need a new transmission. The question is this … I really have zero interest in sinking all of my money into it with serious repairs like this. So … is it worth fixing? I’ve been looking at rebuilt tranny’s on ebay for about $350+. What do you think a reasonable price would be to get it back on the road so I can sell it and not have to deal with this money pit any longer


While tranny fluid was getting into the radiator and coolant, coolant was getting into the transmission. It is possible that with dropping the transmission pan, changing the filter, and flushing the contaminated fluid out of the torque converter, the transmission might have survived.

As to the cost to R & I the transmission, you will have to check with a nearby shop. They will have to consider if this is a 2WD or 4WD. Also have them add a flush of the radiator heat exchanger as debris will probably have gotten into it from the transmission. Make sure that the ebay tranny comes with the torque converter as its lockup clutch is also likely to be bad and the TC is contaminated with coolant.