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Toyota 3RZ-FE engine

Hello. I am considering the purchase of a 1999 4Runner with the 3RZ-FE 2.7L in-line 4-cylinder engine. Does anyone know of any inherent problems or quirks that this particular engine might have? I have 4Runner experience, so I’m not asking for comments on the truck in general, but specifically that engine. Thank you.

The only problem I am aware of is the exhaust manifold. I have replaced at least 6 of these do to cracking at the bend between cylinders 3 and 4.

2.7L is HUGE for a 4-cylinder passenger car engine. Is the noise and vibration tolerable for you?

I don’t have a problem with noise. It’s a truck. I expect it to behave like a truck.

How far into the life of them do you see this problem, usually?

The ones I have repaired usually come in for an exhaust noise between 100-110,000 miles.

Here is where they crack. Aftermarket manifold runs about $150.00.

Thanks. I just saw your reply to the guy with the PreRunner. I assume it’s the same engine and how timely for it to come up just now. Well, now I know what to look for. Thanks again.