2000 toyota 4runner exhaust leak help

Hi guys,

I think I got an exhaust leak yesterday while driving, my car sounds more like a hot rod than a 4runner and i’ve lost a little power going uphill, i can still accelerate normally otherwise, though the engine does seem to be working harder. Parked it and had a friend who knows a fair bit about cars come listen, he also thought exhaust leak without me saying anything. I don’t think it’s near the manifold as the sound is most noticeable on the right side of the car rather than when im standing over the engine. Any ideas what I’m looking to pay to have this fixed?


I Think You’ll Have To Narrow It Down A Bit First.

First off, you “think” you’ve got an exhaust leak of some kind. Then you don’t know exactly where or what is involved.

The car will have to be raised and inspected or somebody’s got to crawl around and poke around.

Find out what’s leaking and we’ll have half a chance.

Thanks, CSA