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Toxic Odor

Lately I have noticed an intermittent strong overheating odor coming from the rear passenger tire area of my 1999 Sonata. I was also beginning to notice the car vibrating or riding unevenly. I took it in to Les Schwab to have the brakes checked and was told they were fine with over 50% on all four brakes. I did have the front tires replaced as they were worn and wearing unevenly and was told this is what was more than likely causing the vibrating. That was a couple of weeks ago and I had not noticed any odor coming from the wheel well until yesterday the minute I opened my car door after driving home from work there was the same strong toxic smelling odor coming from the same rear passenger wheel well, but not from anywhere else. I have only noticed this smell after driving home from work and there is a fairly steep hill I go down not too far from my home. Is this a brake issue or something else? I

The next time it happens, carefully check if that wheel is hotter than the others. If so, you probably have a sticking brake caliper or possibly have a brake line that’s collapsing internally.

Toxic, as in an odorless poisonous gas?

Not all toxic gasses are odorless. Many have a distinct smell. The word “toxic” just means it contains a toxin, or has a poisonous effect.

I did check the one wheel before I had the brakes checked and the wheel was very hot, I will remember to check all of them next time, thank’s.

Yes, I understand, i was being facetious. There’s no such thing as a toxic odor.