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Town Car Heater Core

I have a 1994 Town Car that developed a leak in the heater core. In times past the heater core was located under the dash on the passenger side and, with patience, could be removed and replaced without much frustration, however, that is NOT the case anymore. I had to removed the dash to gain access to the heater core and after replacing the heater core, replacing the dash, the car will not start. Now, I don’t mean that the starter will turn over and over and not start, the starter will not engage. There is a starter relay that is in the starter circuit and it engages, but the starter fails to engage. Short of again removing the dash, checking each and every wire and connector, I’m stumped. If removing the dash and checking each and every wire is what has to be done, I’ll do it, but this will take time as in Nov 2007, I fell and shattered both tibial plateaus of both knees and it will take some time to accoomplish the task of removing the dash again, but I’m up for it. Any help or suggestions short of putting the car on a flat bed and taking it to the local Lincoln/Mercury dealer (approx 50+ miles away) to let them ‘handle it’ would be appreciated. Thanks In advance, Ron Sibthorpe

If the starter relay is getting power when you turn the key to START, then I doubt the problem is a connection you forgot to make.

Is power getting to the starter?

I agree with mcparadise. In addition, do you have a wiring diagram? I bet most of the wires that would be concerned with starting and ignition would be accessible without pulling the dash back.

I can hear the starter relay - if it is located in the dash on the passenger side - I’m guessing its the starter relay as when the key is rotated from the OFF to the START position, a relay activates in the dash on the passenger side of the car. The starter is not getting any power to turn over. I do not have any wireing diagrams and the local library is so tiny its barely able to support the local grade schools. Any suggestions/recommendations of a source - Mitchels or equivalent, FoMoCo (if available locally) or other reliable reference for accurate wiring diagrams? I’ll go with the consenses that the problem will not be under or in the dash. Thank you for your input and suggestions. Ron Sibthorpe for about $20.