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Town and Country overheat issue

Hello all, looking for advice, first time here so excuse any errors in etiquette. I’ll cut to chase:

Driving van, suddenly AC stops working and van overheats. Huge loss of coolant. Find a hose has exploded, the plastic part that forks, the hose in two shattered. Replaced it, no more leaks. Run van, run AC, overheating again, run heater, temp goes down. No more leaks happening and no overheating when AC is off. Thinking either water pump or thermostat/selenoid issues. Any ideas folks?

Thanks a ton!

Put a pressure tester on the radiator as a start. Be ready to find that it’s a head gasket.

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Thanks, hoping that’s not it. Ugh. I appreciate it.

Make sure there isn’t an air pocket left in the cooling system after you refilled the coolant.

Has it overheated only once since the repair was made?


Verify radiator fan is switching on.

Maybe a slipping serpentine belt or a failing AC compressor.

There should be an extra cooling fan turn on when the AC is used. Make sure that is working okay.

Ok checking fans. Will let you all know. Thanks guys!

What year and which engine?