Town and Country 1998 Starting Problems

Here is what happens. Once in awhile when I go to start the van it dies as soon as I let go of the key. I know that it will happen because at the first key click none of the guages will move. If it will start the gas guage starts to move. I try this several times then I don’t even get the van to fire up at all. I wait betwen 2 and 12 hours and it starts fine. This happens a couple of times a month. Any ideas?

You have a bad switch on the key lock. Have you tried instead of starting the car just turning the key from locked to the on position. Thats the first stop to the right from the locked position. If your gauges are not moving yet try going back to lock then back to on (not start) until the gauges respond. Then try to start. If that does work then the switch behind the lock needs replacement. This can be a tough job to do so have a mechanic check it out. It will probably get worse in time.