Towing without a monster

IS there a preferred compact suv for towing 2000 - 2300 pounds?

I own a toyota tacoma and a toyotat sienna. Would love to own just ONE vehicle which is fairly efficient on gas.

I doubt you’ll find any COMPACT that will tow more than 1500lbs ((gross weight-trailer and load).

They claim my '04 Toyota Matrix can tow 1500lbs. You’ll never see a hitch on this car.

The Toyota Highlander is rated as a Class II (up to 3500 lbs).

The new 2010 Outback(22mpg/29mpg) is fairly efficient with fuel and manages 2700+ lbs with trailer brakes.

Where did you find this info?

I checked this site for the 2010 Outback and also Subaru’s site and there is no mention of towing capacities of any size.

Your Sienna should have 3,500 pounds of towing capacity. You should be able to safely tow 2,000-2,300 pounds with it. The Sienna is about the most fuel efficient tow vehicle you will find in that range.

Found it here >>>

I think Subaru’s do well towing due to full time AWD where most other vehicles are FWD biased system AWD. I know a few owners of Subaru(Forester, Impreza, Outback) who bought specifically for a smaller vehicle with towing capacity and AWD as huge bonus on boat ramps.