Any suggestions for a vehicle capable of towing 3500 lbs

I don’t want a truck, SUV or sedan would be fine, adding a hitch is fine. Looking used probably as old as 2013. Thought y’all might have some ideas. Mostly for a 2 mile trip to launch our boat and pick it up 4 times a year, but may be moving and thinking a few trips with a 12’ uhaul. 2003 trailblazer is getting old and has 200k miles or so. We have a 2017 rav 4, boat is probably heavier than the 1750 but such a short trip with so little strain I am thinking it would do fine. But want to prepare for the move and do not think a 12’ uhaul trailer for 500 miles is something I want to put it through.

3500lbs is Class II. There are a plethora of SUV’s capable of that. Go one step larger to the Highlander. It has a 5,000 towing capacity.

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I think Mike has a Highlander, as do I. I’ve been pleased with it, but I do not tow with it. The 3.5 v6 (mine is a 2013) has pretty decent pep, though.

If you’re launching a boat, you might consider 4wd with a Highlander. In my experience, traction in the fwd isn’t the best from a stop. I can imagine you might have some drama pulling a boat up a wet boat ramp with a 2wd Highlander like mine, although I’ve never tried it. I do know pulling out of a gravel lot into traffic - it’s very difficult not to spin a little.

For the move, why not rent a truck?

I will need the towing capacity to do boat stuff, dragging a trailer vs renting a truck is a plus.

My mother’s 2002 Toyota Sienna had a towing capacity of about 3,500 lbs.

That makes sense. I rented one of their PUs a couple times a year, when the old Toyota died. It can take longer to rent than the 100 mile journey.

I would love to rent a pickup to do the boat but the weird thing is 2.5 hours north of the twin cities Uhaul does not have pickup trucks available. Twin cities is the closest place to rent a pickup. Menards truck does not have a hitch.

Thinking maybe a crown vic.

It says 1500 lbs for the Crown Vic, but you can pick them up cheap.

2000 ford pickups are cheap in MN. or whats left of them