Towing with a Volvo 240 Wagon



Hi. I’m trying to figure out if towing a 1976 MGB convertible, approx 2300 lbs., on a car trailer with a 1990 Volvo is possible and reasonablly safe. I would like to drive from NYC to Ada Michigan which is near Grand Rapids. I will not have anything in the Volvo other than myself and an overnight bag. Does anybody have any advice or experience with this type of tow?


You’re wanting to put the MG on a full trailer? I would say the car all by itself would be pushing it. The car + trailer is going to just be too heavy. Go to Penske and rent a truck and trailer, you’ll be glad you did.


Hey Mr. josh,
I would like to use a full trailer. I’m trying to save myself the shipping cost of trucking it there. I’m thinking that the MG with the trailer is probablly too heavy as well but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience towing with a Volvo.


I’ve never towed with a Volvo, but I have towed plenty of cars on dollies and full-size open trailers, and I can say with reasonable certainty that you’re not going to have enough: braking, power, and suspension to do the job adequately (ranked in order of importance…) You’re looking at over 3300 lbs.


Thanks Josh. I did check out the penske truck & trailer rental. Comes out to about $900. one way and then a $100. return ticket on Amtrak. To shipped it with a trucker on an open carrier is about $600-700. In an enclosed carrier it’s about $1200. - $1500. I might like the adventure of driving it out there myself and get the chance to speak face to face with the guys doing the work on the MGB. Ned