Towing with 2002 GMC 1500 Sierra

Hello, I have a 2002 GMC 1500 Siera extended cab with towing Package. I am looking to buy a camper that weighs 7400# empty and wanted to know if this truck can pull this safely with weight dist, hitch? Thank you , Mike

I don’t think that should be a problem, but make sure the trailer has brakes of some sort, or the truck’s brakes will get overheated fairly quickly, I would think.

The owner’s manual will have information about the towing capacity of your truck. Don’t exceed the limits listed in the manual.

I talked to GM today and gave them my VIN # and they say I can tow 8500# but to be on the safe side & tow 8000#.

I have read the owners manual and what I get from that is 7200#.

I bought this truck used at 2 years old and it is equiped with the tow package but not sure what else it might have that they say it can tow 8500#

well I talked to GM today and they say I can tow up to 850 lbs. Then i emailed them so I could get that in writing and they came back with it could tow 5000lbs, so I called them back and they said without the factory tow package it could only tow 5000# but the manual says 7200#. it has been a confusing day. This afternoon I called a few hitch places and stopped in a couple more and they say that with the hitch I have on the truck and adding a weight dist. hitch I can tow up to 10,000#s with 1000# tongue weight and that towing a camper of 8000#s would be no problem as long as you are not going mountain hopping. What a day this has been…

Trucks come in many different configurations. A lot of what goes into towing capacity depends on the rear axle ratio. Brakes may differ, cooling capacity might increase, suspension is stiffer, wheels and tires get beefier, transmission and brakes may be different. The smallest version of a truck will also have a bigger towing capacity so extended bed and extended cabs might be slightly lower because they are heavier.

See if you can find a 2002 buyer?s guide. If not, at least check out GM?s 2007 or ?08 buyer?s guide on line and you will see what I mean. If you change the axle ratio to a 1:4.1 you can probably tow a lot, but your top speed and fuel economy will suffer.

A lot may depend on what kind of towing you are talking about, regular cross country trips across the continental divide, or a 10- mile semiannual trip from storage to a fishing camp on flat, 2-lane roads.

If I decide to buy the heavier camper (7400#) Then I will just be camping around the flat lands of the southeast until I can afford to upgrade the truck. If I buy the lighter(5600#) of the 2 I will still take it easy until I decide to upgrade which may not be a soon as if I bought the heavier one.