Towing options

I am trying to find information about an adapter for FWD cars that bolts on and works like a lock out hub on the front of a 4x4 truck. I have heard that it once existed and the company has since gone out of business. I don’t want to have to fabricate the whole thing, if I can find one. I want to flat tow my FWD ATX car behind my RV and Remco doesn’t make a tranny lube pump for my car. I don’t want to use a dolly for a number of reasons. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Would the number of reasons off set the cost and dependability of a lock out hub ? . I had them on several trucks. They are not without their own problems and could be more expensive and less reliable then a dolly. The lock outs were quite sturdy on my trucks ( Toyotas) and still had their own problems. You may have trouble finding them because first, they may not be a universal item and car dependent, and second, unreliable and the company failed on that point.

I don’t know for sure about the cost offset - since I haven’t found a set and know it’s price. You’re right that it could be they aren’t around anymore because of interchangeability and/or reliability. Good dollys run $900 - $1200. Most of the used ones I’ve looked at weren’t worth the price difference due to condition. I guess at this point I’m just fixated on the product because I think it’s a great concept. I’ve had lockouts on both Ford and Dodge trucks and had no problems, although I did have trouble with the auto hub on my Explorer once.

A towing dolly really protects the drive retrain in your car. If your car’s drive train is not worth protecting, I would look at Towable vehicles from Honda. They go back a few years so used should be available. I would not want to put an aftermarket hub on a car not designed or it. Scary thought of something failed while driving.

Yeah - I considered that - it could be very scary, but I also have two engineers and a full cnc shop at my disposal, in case it was something that could be modified to work. I appreciate your input, but I think my wife decided that we’re just going to give the subject car to our daughter and buy a car that already is flat towable. One of the options is the Fusion Hybrid. Thanks again.

Good choice ! Auto insurance companies may not look too kindly on alterations like this should something related occur.