Towing my 2015 Toyota Tacoma

What’s the proper way to have my Tacoma towed (1) in 2wd, and (2) in 4rwd if I get stuck that way???

Manual or automatic?
How great a distance?

If it’s a manual, you can put it in neutral and use a dolly on the front without problem. I recommend a dolly to ensure that the steering wheels won’t have tracking problems.

If it’s an automatic, you can put it in 2wd and use a dolly on the rear end, towing it backwards. The key is to have the wheels that will rotate as it’s towed totally disconnected from the drivetrain. Leaving an automatic in neutral and letting the rear wheels turn will spin the tranny internals without the pump running, and that pump is necessary to keep the tranny internals lubricated. The tranny will fry.