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Towing an AWD Subaru

I have been researching how to tow my 1996 Subaru Legacy L AWD. I have read that my vehicle should only be towed on a flat bed to prevent damage. I have contacted Subaru and read my owner’s manual and they also say that using towing dollies would also be acceptable. This seems to be a contradiction. Any thoughts?

Towing dollies or flat bed keeping wheels off the ground, therefore either of them would be fine.

They both keep the wheels from contacting the road so that eliminates the damage to the AWD system.

You do not specify transmission.

You can tow a manual transmission Subaru AWD with all four wheels on the ground beyond the dolly or flatbed.

Automatic transmission must be towed with all four wheels off the ground.

The AWD is vastly different between automatics and manuals.

Ooops. It is an automatic transmission.