Putting AWD Subaru on Tow Dolly


I am trying to transport my 2005 Subaru Baja cross country (I’m moving out there, and a friend has a bio diesel truck, so I would like to tow it to save on gas money!). Renting a flatbed would cost more than the price of gas out there, but I have access to a tow dolly. I know that I need to disable the driveshaft so as not to destroy my car…I assume both front and rear. What should I be taking into consideration in doing this? Thanks!


Read your owner’s manual carefully. I believe flatbed transport is required. I am not sure Subaru would condone any other method.


I wouldn’t consider using a tow dolly on an AWD vehicle for even a moment. It’s not worth the risk.


2005 is an expensive vehicle to tow and risk using a likely non-insured dolly. Remember your personal coverage on the vehicle will not cover it.

The fuel cost to drive your Baja it is around $500. I don’t see how driving a friends biodiesel truck with a vehicle in tow is cheaper.


OK–so the general consensous is that this is a bad idea. Now can you explain to me why? I get that you can’t have two wheels moving and the other 2 stationary with all wheel drive. But it is making logical sense to me that disconnecting the drive shaft would solve this. Obviously I’m missing points here…are there some electrical problems with wheels spinning, as it is a newer vehicle? Good points about insurance, I had not considered that. Andrew J-The reason towing behind the truck is cheaper is that the truck is going anyway, and veggie oil is free…but I can see that perhaps the risks outway the potential $500 saved.


Unless I’m mistaken Subaru has a fuse you insert (in the assigned place)to DISconnect the AWD to enable towing.

PHONE a Subaru dealer for the correct answer if your owners manual doesn’t specify.


If the rear driveshaft can be removed without too much trouble, that should work fine. Read your owners manual about towing…


Read the owner’s manual. If you’re lucky, inserting a fuse into the FWD receptacle under the hood might be enough to allow you to tow the vehicle, but I doubt it.

I’m a Subaru owner. I would not attempt what you are suggesting. I’d either drive the car, have someone else drive it, or put it on a trailer so that all four wheels are off the ground.

Good luck.