Towing an all wheel drive car

I was towed in the Boston area because I’d parked it the street on a street cleaning day.

The car was towed by hook I believe. I know it wasn’t on a flatbed. I heard the noise, ran outside and it was being hooked up. They wouldn’t unhook it.

I called a friend and went after it. It was in a lot about five miles away. I paid for it, and got it out. It hasn’t sounded right since. it whirs up and down as I accelerate and decelerate…kind of like a hot wheels toy car. Also when I back up it seems as if the back left wheel is woobly. It also seems to brake funny, It brakes slides a little, then brakes. The car is a 2005 Matrix with only 32.000,00 miles on it.

Could the things I said about how it runs now be related and because of the towing? Can I get recompensed? I mean aren’t they suppose to tow a car knowing how to tow that model correctly?