Towing a trailer

I just bought a 1961 airstream bambi. I am looking for the best truck or suv to tow it that would get the best gas mileage.

Not a problem. I pulled a 28’ Airstream for years with a half ton Ford pickup and a 318 engine in a Chrysler. I don’t count gas mileage but you can figure about 40% more fuel for the same mileage when towing. LEE

I had to google it quick to familiarize myself… Really cooool!!

Considering its size, I’m sure a Toyota Tundra or 4runner would handle that fine! Maybe a Chevy Trailblazer with the straight six?!


I don’t think that anything that will tow something that big will give you fuel economy that will make you happy. Test drive the trucks made by GM and Toyota.


If you are retired and plan to drive all over the continent, a diesel in a “Heavy Half” truck wopuld be my choice. If you only use the tralier occasionally, a gas powered truck, or Suburban, as mentioned, would be the best choice.

But don’t forget to factor in the fact that diesel fuel is considerably more expensive (at least recently) than gasoline. That negates much of the diesel advantage. If you live or plan to travel in very cold climates (Alaska, Canada, northern U.S. in the winter), diesels have some problems with fuel and starting.

Looks like we have a Ford fan:)

I vote Chevy 3/4 ton.