Towing a car on all 4

I have a 2005 PT cruser and would like to tow it on all 4, what do I need to do to it, and is it possible.

If it has an automatic transmission, refer to the owners manual to see if it’s required that the drive wheels be off the ground when towing the vehicle.


You haven’t told us what type of transmission it has. You should check with an RV specialist. These folks will know what your car needs to be towed on all four wheels, and it will need at least the hardware to attach it to the RV and a brake controller. They will know what else it needs, if anything. You will have a lot of options. There are brake controllers that you set-up inside the car and physically push the brake pedal and there are brake controllers that get installed under the hood. There are also options for an automatic transmission. You can get a system that unlocks the hubs so that the transmission is not connected to the wheels while the car is being towed. You can also get a system that pumps transmission fluid though the transmission while the car is towed in neutral. Your car will probably not need either of these systems if it has a manual transmission. For the lights you will have the option of linking them directly to the tow vehicle or using lights that magnetically mount to the towed vehicle.

When I look at the “dinghy” towing guide at it looks like your PT cruiser will need to be modified before it can be towed on all four wheels if it has an automatic transmission. If it has a manual transmission, you are in good shape.