Totalled or Wrecked cars

I am looking for any type of a sedan style car, perferd is a Mitshubitsi Evo, but i am basically looking for a car in the worst shape cause im going to take everything off anyway and i need some helping looking for one…if you know a place that can help me id love the help or if you can send the location or website to me that would be awesome


Why not talk to your local salvage yard? They’ll probably have dozens, maybe hundreds of dead vehicles including some that are marginally drivable sitting around.

Go to your friendly local impound lot and ask when they auction all the heaps off. If local laws prevent you from bidding at them, try the craigslist “auto parts” section-- there’s usually a few good heaps there.

So, why exactly do you want a wrecked car? Some sort of outsider art?

My guess would be that he’s gonna modify the vehicle in someway so he doesn’t need the body to be in the best of shape, especially since he mentioned an Evo.