Torsion bar? 05 Chevy Suburban 1500

So I recently replaced the lower control arms in my Suburban. I made sure to mark the orientation of the torsion bar when I took it out of the origional lower arm and put it back in the same orientation in the new one… I get everything put back together, save for retighteneing the bushing bolts (which Im to understand should be done with the vehicle sitting on the ground). And I dropped the suburban down from the jack stands aaaand… my tire sits at about a 20° angle to its counterpart on the rear of the car. Almost as if I’m off by a whole notch on the torsion bar… I’m certain I reinstalled it in the orientation it was in the previous ctrl arm but this looks very wrong… Is there another way to tell if I’m completely off on the torsion bar or if something else could be causing this? I really dont want to putt the whole thing back apart if there’s another possibility as its quite the involved process.

Note: its as if its the angle it sits at is as if the torsion bar were severely OVERtightened, rather than under-tightened, which should be the case considering I havent tightened it yet.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

20 degrees in what direction? From vertical?

Does the front of the truck sit to high or too low? Rock it back and forth to see if it settles.

I think a picture might be helpful

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Thanks for the reply. I figured it out, though… I finally sucked it up and tore the whole thing back apart, rotated it 1 notch on the bar, and bolted it all back together. It was in fact off by a notch… idk how it happened; I have markings on both original pieces that suggest it should have been right… but what can ya do? XD. I guesd there’s a lesson in here somewhere. Not 100% on what it is yet, but its definitely there lol.