Torque specs for O2 sensor install

Does anyone have the torque specs for an o2 sensor install on both the 1999 and 2000 model Volvo S70? Also, will the Check Engine light go out automatically once o2 sensors are replaced (given nothing else is wrong)?

A torque spec isn’t required for O2 sensors. Just tighten them enough so they can’t loosen up.

Once the O2 sensors are replaced the Check Engine light will turn off automatically after a certain number of key cycles. If you don’t wish to wait that long, take the vehicle to a local AutoZone store. They’ll hook up their code reader and turn the CEL off for free.


Here is AZ a “gentelmans” agreement exists between shops that read codes and shops that clear codes. The shops that repair and clear codes will not insist that the likes of AutoZone be licensed to do auto repair if they refrain from clearing the code. If you clear the code you are in the business of auto repair and must be correctly licensed.

Sellers on e-Bay offer a USB / OBD-II cable adapter and software for under $20 so you can read your own codes and reset the CEL as often as you like with any laptop computer…You can also monitor your cars engine control system in real time as you drive down the road! Yet another wreck causing distraction!

Could you see a customer bring in a vehicle because he did not like how the software was instructing some feature of his engine management system to perform? To what limit does a Dealer have to go to satisify this customer whose car is under warranty but not performing like a third party says it should be? What a nightmare. It will lead to “no light no failure”

Here in Virginia, Autozone will not clear the code for the reasons Oldschool stated.

Should it be no suprise that these type of policies move across state lines, probably no suprise. Here in AZ it was a big deal till the issue got settled.