Torque Converter or Brake Caliper gone on your Saturn Vue V6?


I am interested in learning if anyone else out there has an '05 Saturn VUE V6 AWD with these problems? If so, let’s join together and get them to take responsibility for their faulty parts! We have 45k on our Vue but I have a feeling as more people hit that mileage they will see similar problems…


I’m having the same problem with my '04 Vue AWD. I have this terrible vibration that happens around 35 mph when the transmission tries to down shift.


Is this about your 5th go-around here on this issue? If you think you have a legitimate, and legally based belief, that Saturn has done you wrong then sue them. Lawyers will file a lawsuit over anything.


If I recall correctly from your earlier posts, GM did, finally, make good on your transmission problem–despite the fact that the vehicle was out of warranty. I believe that your most recent gripe was that you had to shoulder the cost of towing for this out-of-warranty vehicle.

If my recollections are correct, then you did receive relief from GM, and as a result, your damages have been mitigated. If I am correct about my recollections, then there is nothing that you could sue for, IMHO. I guess that you could sue for towing costs, but the legal fees would be a few hundred times the cost of the towing, in all probabilility, making that suit a poor value IMHO.

And, while the brake problem is also vexing, you have to remember that brake calipers are only covered during the period of the bumper-to-bumper warranty–which is far shorter than the powertrain warranty. It is unfortunate that you had to pay for the replacement of the brake caliper, but it is not unheard of, and it surely was not covered by warranty–thus making it your responsibility, rather than GM’s.

It sounds to me like you did obtain as much relief as one could reasonably expect. I would suggest that you move on with your life and try to put these experiences behind you.