Torn CV boot 2014 Ford Focus

I’m going to get this fixed. But I’m wondering, what is the plastic part that made contact with the boot and tore it?

It is a grit shield. If it made contact, it has been damaged or dislocated. I don’t see either in the picture of the shield.

I’ll add more pictures. I’m new so I could only upload one.

I don’t have a 2014 Focus to look at so the pictures mean nothing to me . But you said you were going to have it fixed . Just have the shop tell why the boot was damaged and have then inspect the entire vehicle while it is there. I would also have both boots replaced as the car is 8 years old . You might need other service done so ask what they recommend and of course you can say yes or no to those.


You don’t want them to just replace the boot.

You want a remanufactured axle installed.

The labor to install remanufactured axle is far cheaper than rebooting the existing axle.



And who knows how much dirt and grit got into those huge tears. Replace, not repair.


The grease would have to be cleaned out and new grease applied, since dirt got in there. Unless you caught this problem within like 50 miles. Sometimes remanufactured parts can be not made very well and the replacment will be noisy.

That would mean you didn’t replace it with a remanufactured part, but instead a rebuilt part.


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I just got it fixed today. It was a rat trap that was stuck there. That seems strange.

Here is a photo of the old axle.

Strange? In what way? People encounter road debris every single day. But if a rat actually put it there….that would be strange.

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Rat trap? Any rat bits in trap? I think trap was up high in cowl area and rat dragged it down by wheel. Or it was dislodged by road vibration.

Nope, no rat bits.

His rat friends probably ate the scraps.