Sometimes when I try to start it it clicks and I loose all power , but when quick tern key 2,3,4 times it will start but then I need to feather gas till I can get it to idle. This happens first start of the day or cold. I put a new starter in, alternated is two years old .

Clean your battery terminals. I just had a similar problem with a buddy’s minivan. The factory batt terminals had been replaced with universal terminals, but corrosion under the cable clamps was to blame.

Make, Model, Mileage ??

"but when quick tern key 2,3,4 times it will start "

This could be a fuel pressure problem

Could be lots of things

As Caddyman said, we need much more information

No problems starting when everything is warmed up?

BK’s above advice is spot on. This has all the markings of a corroded battery terminal problem. There are other possibilities, true, but that’s the place to start. The need to feather the throttle when this happens to keep the engine running is likely due to gasoline being injected into the cylinders during the attempted start, but that gas is not burned so it accumulates in the cylinders. So when it does start it is partly flooded, and by feathering the throttle you are working in a little extra air to lean out the mixture until things settle down.

The way a mechanic would verify this would be by measuring the voltage at the two starter terminals during attempted cranking. I expect the voltage is going to zero or nearly there.