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i have a 1998 ford taurus 3.0L v-6 24 valve,that running hot.the gauge go all the way up,to the red can hear the car sizzlin.there is no water leaks.

A number of things can cause this. They have to be eliminated one at a time.

A bad thermostat can do this. Something wrong with the radiator fan can cause this.

A plugged radiator (limed up from lack of maintenance) can cause this.

If you don’t have close friends with mechanical knowledge, or family, loo for mechanic files on this URL for a good mechanic in your area.

Or a head gasket.....

A additional possibility could be the water pump. I believe the impeller is plastic on the Duratec engine, and wouldn’t be the first time the plastic impeller broke off the shaft.

Even a cast metal impellar can erode.

Bottom line: some one needs to look at the car. Quickly. Overheating uncorrected can destroy an engine.

Or a leaking intake manifold gasket…

Agreed, take it off the road!