[Top This] 1985 Volvo 240 DL

This is my baby, and I’ve treated her as such, but now, I’m smelling a hint of gas if my car has been sitting still for the night, and sometimes when I rev to fast starting off a light.
Her name is Lana, and she has around 78,000 miles on her.
I’m TRYING to think of what I could do, or what the problem is, BEFORE I take her into the independent volvo shop here in town.

Any ideas?

I remember a 240 at the gas station with leaking fuel injector(s), puddle of gas on the top of the engine - NOT good. I don’t know what you could do on your own, just have them check it out.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to fuel leaks. My oldest son called me last night from Utah and was telling me that the McDonald’s there burnt down because of a vehicle fuel leak.

Apparently someone in an old early 80s Ford pickup was at the drive up window when an aged and rotted fuel line let go. This set the truck on fire, the driver bailed out, and both truck and burger joint burnt to the ground.

Elastimers age over time. That includes both fuel lines and the O-rings that keep injectors from leaking. It also includes things like the gasket around the fuel pump install hole and the flexable connections that keep the hard parts connected in your fill pipe system.

Take OK4450’s advice and find out where this is coming from. A shop with a hydrocarbon sensor (“sniffer”) might help.