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Top of rad cap broke off

Hey was gonna top up my coolant and was having a hard time getting the cap off (I was pushing down and going counter clockwise) and I broke off the top black plastic piece any ideas on how to get the rest off

Not sure about the rest off, but it sounds like it may be time for a new radiator.

I was trying to unscrew cap and top of cap broke off, the bottom of cap still intact not my whole rad sorry

If you didn’t break the radiator part, the rest of the cap should just come right off. Just grab onto it with something like a needle nose pliers, hook like a spring puller, or anything. You’ll obviously need a new cap.

cap is on radiator? or coolant recovery tank? buy a new cap. compare it to old cap.


If you don’t have pliers that large, perhaps a small strap wrench would get a good grip.