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Too much pressure

I have a 2005 Chevy Suburban and it gets driven not very often. That being said I go out start it and pull out of the garage to charge the battery every so often. However I noticed that my oil pressure is consistently at 80 psi even when driving. What do you think it is?

Engine off, key in “RUN” position, does it read 80, if it does it’s probably a faulty sending unit.

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Or a sticking pressure relief valve…if it’s real, you may start developing leaks, especially at the filter.

oil pressure is going to be high when the engine is cold 75-80 psi when cold isn’t outrageous. What is the pressure once the engine is at normal operating temperature at idle or when driving around with the engine turning about 2000 RPM?

I took this to mean it doesn’t go down even when warmed up