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Too much oil

I have taken my new 09 Forester to the dealer for oil changes. The first one was good, the next two, both times, the oil was over filled. It appears that the amount added is 5 qts, when the correct amount is 4.2 qts. Is the extra 0.8 qts going to be a problem?

Probably not going to be a problem. What the dealer is doing…is the easiest thing they can. Instead of taking the time to put in 4.2 quarts…it’s just easier to put in 5 quarts.

Unless its speciality oil (that comes in individual containers) Its pretty easy to stop the bulk oil delivery nozzel at 4.2,there is a quanity readout on it. Many times you must call back to parts to start the oil delivery and they will set the delivery for only what you call for (or what they know the car takes).

Even if its out of individual bottles just stop pouring on the last (save the left over for your car,thats a big motivator).

Its obvious the oil changers aren’t checking sticks after the jobs done and thats the dangerous part here. If they are negligent in checking dipsticks after the job what else are they negligent on?

0.8 quarts is getting close (but I don’t believe there yet) to a dangerous overfill amount. Close but not quite.

While it’s probably OK, how do I know? I’d have them get the oil level correct. Close to quart over (if that’s what it is) is quite a bit.

I noticed after my most recent oil change at the dealership that the oil level was very high for the first time. I can’t tell exactly, but I would estimate that it was ~ 2 qts overfilled. I immediately called the service mgr, explained what I observed, and stated that I wanted to bring the car back to have the oil change re-done. He readily agreed.

Since I drive very little nowadays, I took it back to the dealership about 4 days later. While I was there, the owner of the dealership came over to thank me for calling their attention to the problem, and he showed me the new “meter” mechanism attached to their bulk oil tank. He told me that the Valvoline distributor had initially wanted to charge him for a new metering device. He then informed the distributor that he would gladly take his business to another oil company if he was not provided with a new metering device free-of-charge. The bottom line is that the dealership was given a new metering device free-of-charge by the distributor, and I was given another–accurate and free–oil change.

The moral of the story is that devices can become inaccurate over the years, and that sometimes it pays to be up-front and state that you are entitled to something without cost.

VDC,meter or not a mechanic knows or should know that “hey the oil sure has been pumping a long time” After pumping hundreds of cars full of oil you get a feel for the pulse of the pump,you can tell when its just pumping air and if the pump pulses are correct but things are going on to long. Then there is the “check the stick” obligation everyone that does a oil change has.

So I don’t buy the idea that your dealer was the victim of a inaccurate metering device,someone was asleep at the switch.It takes a lot of time to pump 2 extra quarts of oil,the mechanic should have noticed.

Trust me. I do realize that the tech still has a responsibility to check the dipstick after an oil change.

Yes, someone should have noticed, so an old inaccurate meter does not absolve anyone of responsibility here. When I take it back for the next oil change, I am going to remind the service mgr of this incident and tell him that I had better not see a repeat of that situation.

In fact, I think I will tell him that I expect him to verify the oil level after my oil change. That will put the responsibility at a level that they will not like, but…I am the customer. This is a small family-run dealership, and they do seem to be eager to keep their customers happy.

Tell them to put the four quarts in and give you that last quart. You can pour some in right away and the next morning check the level and add as needed. Instructions should be in your owner’s manual.

Your asking the customer to specify that he wants oil from bottles not bulk oil? Could be a price adjustment,upwards.

In fact, the dealership may not even have oil in qt bottles.

If they use bulk oil from 55 gallon drums for oil changes, if they even have qt bottles, it is likely that they would be selling them for an extremely high price at the parts counter. As Oldschool stated, there would likely be an additional charge for this qt bottle of oil.

Our bulk oil was in the 1000 gal quanity. I have worked quickie lube that we were pumping out of 55’s