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Too much GM support?

GM is instituting new OnStar servicethat will sense things going wrong in your car. They will even set up a service appointment with your GMdealer. BEWARE once they have the vehicle they can make service suggestions_that could easily just be a e profit making methods possible victims will be the easily intimated such as the elderly owner___

This is nothing new. Been practiced by every dealer for decades.

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Mike is right, been done forever. Now it is just NEW and IMPROVED with the aid of OnStar.

The service can be a good thing if you get the first year or 2 for free. It allows software updates to be downloaded directly to the car without a trip to the dealer. New models sometimes need updates and its a pain to return to the dealer to get them.

They conveniently fail to mention the subscription fee… :grin:

There are new apps that can do much of what onstage does. It detects car crashes and can auto call emergency vehicles.

It’s been this way since the first dealer opened. No earth shattering news here. :slight_smile:

What do you call the poor elderly? Over 50, 60, 70, 80? Ageism anyone?

At any rate, of course. You buy a pair of shoes and they’ll try to sell socks too. I’ve got Onstar and have found it pretty useful at times. I’ve also been in for a recall where they do a full inspection and ask if you want new brake pads. No of course not but thanks for letting me know, I’ll put that on my list.

Since OnStar went digital, they have advertised providing a service report for subscribers that reports information gleaned from the on board sensor system. If you subscribe to OnStar, you can get it. when we got the new digital system for our Silhouette, GM provided a clear statement of the costs involved at that time, and how much it would cost to replaced the old analog system with the digital one at a later date.