Too Much Engine Oil

Toyota Corolla 1989, 205,000 miles.

Good regular maintenance.

Recent oil change seems to have added about 1 pint over Full.

Is this enough to expect damage?

What sort of damage, if any?

A one pint overfill will not cause any damage to your engine.

One pint won’t hurt. Many people even intentionally overfill their engines by this much for the added protection of a little extra oil volume in the crankcase. I wouldn’t go past that though.

One pint will not hurt the engine at all. It really takes a few quarts to get the oil level high enough for the crankshaft to start churning the oil, which is the only danger that overfilling poses.

This reminds me of a recent discussion where an assumed bad backflow preventer in the oil filter was causing high oil levels as far as dipstick readings. Was it a toyota filter?