Too cold to blink?

Our 2005 Town and County imited has a cold weather problem with the right rear turn signal indicator. When the remperatures drop into the 30’s and below, when the van is first started, the above mentioned turn signal will not work. After it has run for a while, it may start working. THe liklihood of it functioning is greater if it has been driven and shut off, then restarted.

I had two of these vans at one time and tried switching the tail light assembly from one to another. The problem persisted.

We have tried not putting any cargo near the right rear corner. The wires appear to be fine. It will function properly all summer.

I took it to two shops. “Everyone” thinks it is the bulb. Two places have changed the bulb, charged $30 or $40 and sent me on the way. That’s fine until morning, when it is cold again.

Any suggestions?

Google “Chrysler TPMS problems”. I think that may shed some illumination on the issue. (You see what I did there?)

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I believe the turn signal is a function of the body computer, not the tire pressure monitor.

When the turn signal will not flash, is the light on? Is the problem only with the indicator in the cluster?

Mopar - I tried this but do not see any connection between TPMS and turn signals. The vehicle does have TPMS but not as sohiscated as newer ones that actually read out the pressure and identify the guilty tire. This one just says there’s a problem (high or low) somewhere.

Had a Ford truck, if tilted all the way down, right turn signal would not work. See if changing the tilt on the steering wheel makes any difference as a thought.

Yeah probably TPMS or something but what I do for bulbs or batteries exposed to the cold and weather is use a little dielectric grease on the contacts. Helps to prevent corrosion and insure a good contact. If they already replaced the bulb twice though, don’t count on the grease doing anything.

That’s something easy to try. Thanks

The sockets are in good shape. But it is a good practicce.

No, the light is not on. Other lights in the assembly, and for that matter in the same bulb, continue to function.

The rear turn signal does not light, the front turn signal does light, the indicator does not light. This would be a problem with the body computer.

Not the tire pressure monitoring system, I’m sorry, I fumble fingered it
You need to Google TIPM ( totally integrated power module).

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It is a 3057 double filament bulb, I believe.

And I do see what you did there😁

Drive it on over to George or OK440. They like challenges.

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Ut could be the TIPM under the hood, but first I would check any wire connector plugs going to the rear. They are usually behind one of the kick panels in the front of the passenger compartment. If you find one, take it apart and spray both sides with electrical contact cleaner.

My guess, a problem w/ the turn signal switch. That part goes through a significant temperature change in winter driving b/c it is inside the passenger compartment.

I thought of that but it doesn’t explain why only the rear bulb would be affected.

I had an 05 T&C years ago that was an electrical nightmare due to the idiots who had previously owned it…did you check the fuses? I recall having something like this happen and it ended up being a blown fuse

That’s a very good point. Hard to explain how a faulty turn signal switch could only affect the rear bulb, leaving the front bulb working. Such a thing is possible of course depending on the design of the lighting electronics, but you are right, seems more likely the problem is somewhere from the circuit that powers to the rear bulb to the rear bulb itself.