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Tommy Chong's Unaired Lincoln Ad


Funny, but are you sure that is not an ad for the wipes?

His book about how he came to be a federal prison inmate for nearly a year when selling glassware was his only offense – not making this up — is pretty interesting reading. Disheartening as well.

The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint Paperback – June 5, 2007, by Tommy Chong

"On the morning of February 24, 2003, agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration launched a sting called Operation Pipe Dreams and forced themselves through the door of Tommy’s California home, with automatic weapons drawn. As a result of the raid on his home; the simultaneous ransacking of his son’s company, Chong Glass; and the Bush administration’s determination to make an example out of the “Pope of Pot;” he was sentenced to nine months in prison because his company shipped bongs to a head shop in Pennsylvania that was a front for the DEA. "

Dave’s not home man.

That was some hilarious comedy back in the day, or around 50 or so years ago. It is still rather amusing.

Funniest among 13-17 year olds and pot-heads… I laughed at it back then but I was 13-17. Not nearly as funny today.

…But I still have my copy of Big Bambu complete with the giant rolling paper - very rare to have survived!

I always admired Cheech and Chong’s cars, from Chong’s VW Beetle with the Rolls Royce front end, to Cheech’s low rider with “Love Machine” stenciled on the side window.

You’re right that the comedy didn’t really age well (particularly the humor based on racist stereotypes), but Santa Claus and his Old Lady is a classic I enjoy hearing every year.


Repression? Recession? It’s all the same man … :wink:

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