Tom and Ray: Low oil Light on the Impala

I know for a Fact that at Least my 2000 Impala LS with the Info Center has a low oil indicator that reads, LOW OIL. I think its suppose to come on at two quarts low, although I check, and change oil way before it gets low enough to find out.

So the caller me be bad for not changing the oil in there cars frequently enough. But at least in the Impalas case probably did not run it low enough on oil to damage the engine any more then it already was.

Not sure what you are talking about but my Buick Riviera has a message that says low oil level when it gets just below a quart low. Just below the add mark. Quite different than the oil pressure light.

Oh by the way, there are three there’s. There, their, and they’re. There is a difference. “Their cars” not “there cars” as in them thar cars. Grammar police.

I was talking about Melanie’s Impala on todays show. After re listing to the segment its clear Tom and Ray was talking about the low oil level light. However at the end of the conversation reference was made of it being the low oil pressure light. This reference was made without differentiating between the two. My point is there is a big difference between the two, and should be explained as such.

BTW, if I could edit in discussion for grammar I would. No sense pointing out something that cant be changed

At least it is in English. :wink: If this conversation took place on the radio there, their and they’re would be neither here not there.

My GMC truck has a message center that says CHECK OIL SOON when I get slightly lower than five quarts in the six quart system.