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To pull the plug to not to pull the plug?

I have a 2001 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder with 130,000 miles. Recently I had an oil change and the guys where I took it said I needed an output shaft seal replaced as well as new tires. I am pretty trusting so I got talked into buying the 80,000 mile wear tires, repaired the output shaft seal, oh and the measly oil change. Instantly my savings account is lightened by $1100. A few days later I find my engine light on and have no oil. I take it back and they tell me an oil valve was not tightened and the oil leaked out. They fixed that and replaced the oil, no charge. But they also said the right side output shaft seal was leaking and needed to be replaced. I didn’t know what to believe at this point and said just fill it up with fluids and I will wait and see what happens. I took it to the Honda dealer for a second opinion, knowing I would be getting a whopping estimate but hoping they might offer some Johns Hopkins esque expertise. They said I need a new transmission because as the axle turns it spins the output shaft seals so it needs a total redo. They also tell me I am leaking oil from the top, bottom, and basically every orifice of my engine. Estimate $2300, or we can sell you a new car. I tell them to fill it up and I will wait and see what happens. A day later my engine light comes on and I go back to mechanic number 1 and they say both right and left output shaft seals are now bad and need replacing. I have them replaced $600 and they do a transmission flush. I drive the car for two days, no problem. I then get in the car morning of day three, mild outside temperature maybe 35 degrees F. This is what happens. I have D3 and D4 drive modes with D4 being overdrive. I put it in D3. Wanting to be nice to my already feeble vehicle I take off gently in first gear however I notice the rpms are staying higher for longer and I should have shifted to second gear by now. It then shifts very hard into second, my engine light comes on, and now the light box around D3 starts flashing. I can still drive but I don’t risk it. Basically I park it then and hitch a ride to work. I check the fluids and fortunately my transmission fluid level is ok so I assume the replaced seals are still intact. I start the car and the engine light is still on, but I try to drive it. Again I get higher rpms than anticipated for a bit longer in first then a hard shift into second with subsequent flashing box around D3. I then manually shift into overdrive D4. The car seems to be shift appropriately at low speeds 25 mph or so. I shut it off and restart it. I now put it straight into D4 overdrive and slowly start with seemingly normal shifting into second up till about fourth. While on a longer drive while stopped at a light I then shift manually back into normal drive D3 and the car will shift normally now from first to second and upwards. I manage to get the car to the original mechanic who is hopefully going to give me a diagnosis in the next day. They mentioned they thought it might be a speed sensor but the computer they hook it up to also says I need a total transmission overhaul but they are not sure if that is just because of the miles I have on my car.

So what do I do at this point? Is my transmission terminal? I am going to unload this car if I can but it would be nice to get a few more weeks or months out of it while I can car shop. I was expecting 200,000 miles out of this since it is a Honda. I am in residency training and have about 4 more years of post residency fellowship training that I had hoped this would last. I always said I would keep this car until it blew up, and I need to know has my car finally blown up, or is it just sick in need to some minimally invasive surgery?

Find a new mechanic, I don’t think you have had a proper diagnosis yet.

Somebody could go blind reading that. I tried … I go into a little bit… but then you’re going on about output shafts leaking, losing oil & engine lights and none of that is even slightly clear since your output shafts would leak transmission fluid and you don’t say which engine light is on etc.

Anyway. Perhaps you might repost your story, but try some paragraphs - break it up. Smaller pieces, some space in between.

My GOD…you are getting some seriously HIGH estimates for the work being done. I would promptly find another shop quick. You seem to be getting ripped off at every turn here. Shame you dont live near me…I’d have given you a real estimate for the front main seal and an oil change…No more than $200…and I think that may be a bit greedy actually since the seal is 5 buck and the filter and oil no more than 25 or so depending on oil type.

Look at a newspaper. See how they use spaces between sentences and paragraphs. They do that because it makes reading a lot easier.

I quit reading about 1/3 of the way through. It made my eyes hurt.

Go to an independent transmission shop. Honda motors, bodies, and interiors hold up fine, well over 200K miles if cared for. Honda auto transmissions don’t hold up so well. You might need a new trans, rebuilt trans, or used trans.

A good shop can determine if your problems are with the transmission controller or indicate a worn out trans. Either way this car should be worth the money to have the trans repaired or replaced. You shouldn’t get rid of the car.

If the previous owner didn’t change the trans fluid it would cause the trans to fail at about the mileage you have now. Also Honda auto transmissions are fussy and need Honda brand fluids. If the previous driver had the trans serviced by a quickie lube or a mechanic put in the wrong fluid, it would cause your trans to fail.

Get it evaluated, fix it, and then change the fluid every 30K miles and use Honda brand fluid and you’ll get your 200K miles and more from your Honda.