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To fix or replace transmisson or the car

I have a 2003 pilot with 182k miles on it. Just started having tranny slippage after a tranny code and burnt fluid. Changed it and did this for like the next 3000 miles. It began to start slipping between 2,3 so did a complete flush with new fluid and still same problem.

Question is should I persue the new tranny with upgrades or just look for another vehicle. Anyone’s thoughts

Thanks in advance

Has any of the vehicle’s maintenance been ignored or deferred?
Is there any rust damage?
Does the engine consume any oil between changes?

IMHO, if the answer to all 3 questions is “no”, and as long as you don’t want the added safety features of a newer model, then I suppose that it would make sense to spend the big bucks for a transmission overhaul. In light of the fact that the vehicle is nearing the end of its practical life span, even one “yes” would cause me to get rid of it.

Agree with @VDCdriver. It really depends on the condition of the rest of the car.

You could sell the car as-is, but be honest with the buyer or you could trade it in on a new or used car. Don’t wait though, you are on borrowed time.

Borrowed time is right!! Don’t delay fixing if that is your option selected.

It’s sad to see perfectly good cars with automatics scrapped because of transmission neglect! It has become the weakest part of new cars! It has happened to a number of owners I know and I blame the manufacturers partly for not emphasizing fluid changes in their manuals.

I agree with what you stated, @Docnick, but let us not forget that the transmissions on Pilots (and some other Honda models) of that era were problematic to begin with. I doubt if, at 182k miles, this is the original transmission. More than likely, it was overhauled or replaced once already, before the OP owned the vehicle.

We were in a similar situation with a 2003 Odyssey about this time last year, which I suspect used the same transmission. It started slipping, not wanting to go into gear, and that sort of thing. The van had been well maintained otherwise, though, (and paid off!) so we were really conflicted on how to proceed. All of the transmission repair/replace quotes I’d gotten were well over the value of the van. Ultimately… we found and decided to replace our 2003 Odyssey with a used 2012 Odyssey, and in all honesty we’ve never regretted. it. It’s a night and day difference in terms of interior noise, safety, and technology (our 2003 still had a tape deck in it). Good luck with your decision.