To Fix or not to Fix


I have a 1999 Subrarus Forester.

that I’m sharing with an another driver. For the past few weeks whenever I shift from reverse to forward the car will eithger jolt forward or keep moving backward. Now in the past few days twice when going from a stop to go the car wouldn’t move. I kept pressing on the accelerator nothing happened. After waiting for a minute and trying it again it finally moved.

I took it to a mechanic who had a transmission guy come in to look at it. The transmission guy says it need a new or rebuilt transmission that will cost at least $2,000.

Is this worth fixing? Or should I buy a new used car for that price?


Fix it! $2000 although a good chunk of money will likely be far cheaper in the long run.


agree fix it if engine appears to be good. new cars deprecita more in a year then the transmission job plus higher ins higher taxes, a no brainer if the engine is still decent. But get a second opinion on the need for repair


Why not fix it??

People make the mistake all the time thinking because they shelled out $2000 in repairs the car has to last forever… think of it as a cheap car payment for 2 years @ $83.33 a month… sounds a little better and when you sell the car it will be worth more because the problem is repaired…


OK, since no one else has mentioned this I will. Once you get the transmission fixed, and I do recommend fixing it, stop changing from reverse to forward without coming to a complete stop first. You original post implies that you are shifting while still moving. That’s a no-no.