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To buy or not to buy?

I own a 2005 Infiniti G35 sedan with 84,600+ miles. In December (2009), the car was flooded in a heavy downpour. It ran OK, but I took it to the dealer to professionally dry it out. In June (2010), it started making a noise and running a bit rough. I took it in and it was diagnosed with a cracked right wheel bearing and the compressor rods were cracked on both sides. Repairs were made (costing $2000) and the mechanic assured me that the car is now in good condition. When I asked if the damaged wheel bearing and compressor rods could have resulted from the water damage, he said he doubted it and it would be hard to prove to the insurance company (which paid a claim to dry out the car), so I didn’t pursue it with the insurance co. When I asked if it was likely to happen to the other wheel bearing, he said he never sees a car come back for the other side.

He recommended additional services that amount to about $1300: new brakes on my next oil change (I had them replaced two years ago); clean the fuel injectors, and something else, (I can’t remember and I don’t have the report in front of me).

My questions are:

1. What could have caused the compressor rods to crack? Is that normal for an Infiniti?

2. Should I be looking at getting rid of this car and buying another one? Maybe a late model (2008+) Infiniti?


Not sure what you mean by “flooded,” but in general cars that have been in the water are trouble, and should be avoided. Was the car in water? How deep?

Google “Infinity Compression Rods” and see what you find.

Very interesting stuff. There may be a Tecnical Service Bulletin (TSB), in which case you should consult your Infinity dealer.

Can’t speculate about your need for brakes, but fuel injector do not require periodic cleaning. This is a profit generator, and nothing more. All gasoline sold in the US has fuel system detergents in it by federal law. Nothing else is required to keep the injectors clean.

Save your money.

Ditto to what McP said.

I see no reason whatsoever to get rid of this car and buy another.

Define what you mean by flooded in a heavy downpour. Does this mean the car was sitting in foot deep water or what?
If so, then yes wheel bearings can be damaged by this along with every other suspension component that is underwater. Sometimes the problems surface immediately and sometimes it takes months or even years.
Your mechanic also appeared to tap dance around your question about the other side but the answer is yes it could happen.

What are compressor rods?