To buy or not to buy? 02 odyssey

We are looking at an 02 Odyssey with 94K. It’s been very nicely maintained, and is with a private seller. I’ve been reading about trasmission problems with these and am worried. They are asking 8K for it, which is about right.

Any thoughts? I’m not sure what the life expectancy on these is, but 94K worries me a lot.

We bought a 2003 model about 2 years ago. So far it has given us no problems. I was concerned about the Odyssey transmissions’ bad reputation as well, but so far it’s not reared it’s head. Ours had around 33K miles when we got it; now it’s closer to 59K on the clock. I’m planning to get the transmission fluid changed around 60K.

If it doesn’t have any other apparent problems and you have records of the maintenance, I say go for it. Odysseys are really nice family vehicles, and it’s hard to find them with less than 100K miles. I felt very fortunate that we found ours in the condition/mileage/price that we got it for. Good luck.

I’d be more concerned about the timing belt. Has it been replaced yet? If not, you will need to do that by the end of the year.