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Title issue for motercycle

So I have a 72 or 73 triumph 650 tiger owned since maybe 79, Now I bought it in Illinois, moved many places, but last licensed in either Ohio or Florida, re titled it everywhere but did not get plates as it was not running. Now I have contactacted our neighborhood watch officer His response
“I have done some research and I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you. You could try to get the DOT to issue you a new VIN and then title. That is the only thing I know to try.”

Now I think since I had a WI title some way I could find the vin number. But cannot get a replacement title without the vin

No number is stamped, I called a triumph dealer who had some old tigers and he could not find a number stamped into the frame.

All I have is this stinkin lousy illegible sticker, Ma

ybe if I found my insurance agent in FL but no clue who that was. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A guy I know wants the bike and is willing to do a swaporama for an 86 Goldwing with 8600 miles, a bike he will buy then trade for the trumpet.

What about the VIN on the engine? Are you saying the motor is clean also?

To add, as far as I know Triumph ALWAYS stamped the VIN on their frames. I’ve owned 3 Bonnevilles and several Tigers over the years and all had the same VIN stamped on both motor and frame.

Here is the engine stamp as you can see the last numbers match the plastic Where was your frame stamped? sticker

Perhaps this link can help.

I Googled “where are Triumph motorcycle VIN numbers located” and got a bunch of hits. The attached link is just one. You might try this approach.

Been there, was not any help as to location, no obvious malice as far as grinding off numbers I can see. Frustrating, because I can remember seeing the title, but cannot locate it.

That mangled tag certainly looks like it’s carrying the bike VIN as it matches the engine case half.

I’ll have to do a bit of research as the LE prefix is throwing me off. It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a Triumph but I thought most of them have an H prefix of some sort. I’ll rummage around a bit on this.

That is amazing you got an LE,but I thank you in advance and let me know what pizza joint you would like a delivery from, will order a gift card in your name if you figure this out.If you are looking at the engine stamp it is BE 11477 TR-6R

If that is a BE 11477 TR06R the sources I see say it is a 650 Tiger made in Feb. 1971 or at least the engine is.

If you can’t remember the name of you insurance agent , can you remember the company? If you do you can get a list of current agents for the area you lived. Maybe if you see the name you will recognize it.

I would contact the Lots of bike buffs that might be able to help.

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