Title bureaucracy!

I took over a car and the payments for said car from my sister, but never got the title transfered to my name. I just paid off the car and need the title. It can be in her name, that’s fine, but she has an expired drivers license. is this a problem? Is it neccesary to get the car transfered to my name? Thanks!

The loan company will probably issue a lien release and/or title (if they are holding it until last payment was made) to your sister. At that point, I would suggest taking the title in your sister’s name, lien release, and do a change of ownership transaction at that time. That would get the title cleared from the debt and in your name.

Your sister needs to check with the loan company, to find out when they will issue the lien release and provide the title if they have it, and to ensure it is in her name.

Some states have a paperless title system and lien release system, in which case, the DMV should have all the paperless “paperwork” if the loan company provided it to the in a timely fashion.

A vehicle title and a driver’s license are two different things. You don’t need a license to get or transfer a title.

If you’re keeping and using the car the title and the insurance should be in your name.

Consult the phone directory for a vehicle title service in your area, or contact the DMV in your state. They will help you.

Yep, normally the bank or whoever has the loan will automatically send out the lien release to address of record once the loan is paid off. Sometimes they also have the title but it is redundant since the title is stamped with the lien holder on it. You take that to the DMV to get a new title. You will also need to do an ownership transfer which you should have done when you took the payments over. Just deal with the DMV and eventually you will get a title in your name with no lien holders listed. This is a state thing though so every state has their own rules.

You do NOT need a license to own a car…You just can’t LEGALLY drive it on public roads.

This shouldn’t be that hard. The title, when your sister gets it, will be in her name and stamped “paid” by the lender. She needs to sign the title over to you, in PA this can be done at a notory office. As a “family” member you may be able to avoid sales tax.

Then you take the title to your state DMV office and transfer the title to you and get it registered. If you both live in the same state it might be easier if you go together, but shouldn’t be necessary.

Make sure to take multiple types of ID with you, since 9/11 you can’t have too much ID anytime it involves going to the DMV.