My daughter has a 2009 Honda crv-exl. A tire of hers got blown out from a tractor trailer driving in front of her on the highway and throwing a tire her way. Now the tire store says she needs to replace ALL FOUR of her tires? Does this sound right to you?

If it is a 4 wheel drive all the time they are correct. The transfer cases will spin at different rates right to left and or front to rear. If it is 2 wheel drive then they are full of BS.

What does the vehicle’s manufacturer have to say on this issue?
Opening the Owner’s Manual and reading the sections relating to tire repair & tire replacement will yield the official word on this issue.

If the manual is silent on this issue, then it is not a problem to replace less than 4 tires.
If the manual states that you need to replace all 4, I would suggest that you take that information very seriously.

From your owner’s manual, on page 306. Sounds like it’s not required, but is suggested.

Replacing Tires and Wheels Replace your tires with radial tires of the same size, load range, speed rating, and maximum cold tire pressure rating (as shown on the tire’s sidewall).

Mixing radial and bias-ply tires on
your vehicle can reduce braking
ability, traction, and steering
accuracy. Using tires of a different
size or construction can cause the
ABS and vehicle stability assist
system (VSA) to work inconsistently.
The ABS and VSA system work by
comparing the speed of each wheel.

When replacing tires, use the same
size originally supplied with the
vehicle. Tire size and construction
can affect wheel speed and may
cause the system to activate.
It is best to replace all four tires at
the same time.
If that is not possible
or necessary, replace the two front
tires or two rear tires as a pair.

Replacing just one tire can seriously
affect your vehicle’s handling.
If you ever replace a wheel, make
sure that the wheel’s specifications
match those of the original wheels.
Also be sure you use only TPMS
specific wheels. If you do not, the
tire pressure monitoring system will
not work on that tire.
Replacement wheels are available at
your dealer.

I hope that you reported this to your insurance company. It sounds like something they would pay for. If it is AWD, I would aske them to pay for all 4 tires unless the remaining 3 are nearly new. If they refuse, ask them to pay to shave the one new tire to the same tread depth as the other 3.